Sunday, February 19, 2012

Get ready for the spring

Hey guys! Long time no see :D I'm such a fan of spring and can't wait for it to come, but it seems that winter got here a little late and doesn't have thoughts of leaving too soon, so all we can do is to make plans for our look for spring-summer 2012. I have some ideas in this head of mine, and I think I'm gonna stress out my mom to make me sooo many clothes, cuz she's a tailor. That's right, I'm THAT lucky!

So let's start with the hair. I'm thinking of something fresh, simple, girlish, and cute. I found some photos on the web and I thought about sharing them with you guys. Let's have a look:

Yes, the favourite of this year will be the braid. Spiced up with a lil' bit of accessories. By the way, speaking of accessories, last night I improvised something , being inspired by this pic:

And it turned out to be a great idea, because everyone admired it, and my boyfriend loved it. It gave me a childish look. Try it out!

Next, let's talk about the make-up. Being a big fan of the eyeliner, I think I'm gonna stick to that this year. I don't care if it's out of fashion or not, but I love it and won't give up on it so easily. 


Black, brown, dark blue, and excessive. That's the idea.
Next, we have the outfit. Oh yeah! 

I'm going with the brown and the jeans this spring, because in my opinion, they are a perfect couple. So, good luck at shopping and don't forget to stay classy, but sexy!


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