Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flower power dress-up

adorable flower shoes
Although it is a rainy day in my hometown, I still have hope that spring will eventually come, more powerfull than ever. And with it, airy tops and short skirts. Because it is the season of flourishing and blossoming, we should  be inspired by this beautiful weather and borrow some of its trends. I think you guessed what is on my mind...yes, flower prints. They are as much feminine as they can be and can be used either at the top or bottom parts of our body. Let's start from the upper part with some models of scarfs and hair accessories .


Now that we are done with the top parts, let's continue with the middle. I recommend you not to use a jcaket and t-shirt or pants that both have flower print, because it will be too much. You don't want to overwhelm your fans with the colors. Choose a flowery top and a neutral bottom, just to keep a proper balance for the eye.

Flower Jacket
white shirt & flower jacket
round glasses and flower jacket

My favourites of them all are dresses of course. They define us as ladies and conquer hearts in an instance. They really have the power to control men. Try and ask a guy something while wearing a dress or skirt, and then wearing something else and you'll see the effect. 
flower dress, jean jacket

flower prints and biker jacket

Flower dress.

flower dress

Suno flower dress

Flower Dress

Flower Show Dress

The tops can vary, from elegant and classy to  sportive.

flower tops
Flower T-Shirt
flower print
flower print

For the bottom part, you can either choose netween leggins or pants. Here are some examples: 
Flower Print Love
Flower print broek
Flower Print Leggings

And last, but not least, the SHOES!
Flower print shoes
flower print
flower print
flower shoes
flower shoes
Flower girl shoes
flower girl shoes
flower shoes
Flower shoes
Flower Shoes
Oriental Flower Shoes
 You can find a lot more images on Pinterest . I already declared myself a huge fan. Have fun and don't forget to smile! <3

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bow ties!

Women often borrow looks from men, and the bow tie is my favourite. It looks feminine, it is cute and classy, if used properly. You can wear them with shirts, corsets and different dresses. Make sure you use the right color, but usually I prefer the black ones, because they can be worn with everything. Let's see some photos:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pink nail art

Hello ladies! It is a wonderful day in Brasov, bright and warm, birds are singing, blah blah, you know..things like that. I am an addict of nail art, as I always paint my nails in a different way. Today I have decided to wear pink, inspired by this wonderful weather. After surfing  a little bit on the Internet, I found some great ideas on Pinterest and I will share them with you, like candy. Enjoy!


I hope you found them useful and interesting. Have fun painting! Kisses !

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